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Lech sauna world of the Hotel Monzabon

4-star-charm spa and relaxation

Immerse yourself in a pleasant world of relaxation and enjoy the incomparable spa experiences at the 4-star-charm Hotel Monzabon. Four steam baths and saunas await you with alternating, stimulating aroma infusions and pleasant sauna honeys.. Which sauna in Lech am Arlberg are you particularly looking forward to?

Our saunas in Lech at a glance

  • Finnish sauna
    Rustic sauna made with untreated natural wood. The humidity is increased by adding water to the hot stones of the sauna oven. Natural aroma infusions with fir or wildflowers stimulate the blood circulation, support the detoxification process, and at the same time nurture both the skin and the respiratory system.
  • Brine steam bath
    Finely diluted sea salt brine is nebulised regularly inside the brine steam sauna of your spa hotel in Lech, Austria. The stay inside the brine steam sauna corresponds to a sea stay and is very beneficial for your lungs, your bronchia, and your entire respiratory system.
  • Organic sauna
    The organic sauna of our hotel with sauna in Lech invites you to relax at a temperature of 55 °C and constant humidity of 45-55%. Please don’t make any infusions and enjoy the effect of the mild cinnamon aroma. The organic sauna places little strain on the heart and circulation and offers optimal relaxation of the muscles. Furthermore, the metabolism is accelerated and an optimal detoxification of body contaminants is supported.
  • Steam bath
    Sweat approx. 8 to 16 grams of sweat per minute at 45 °C in our steam bath with a humidity of around 80%. Stay for around 15 to 20 minutes. It is recommended to let the body rest for 30 minutes after the steam bath. The steam bath with the divine aromas of camomile, orange and wildflowers encourages the blood flow, cleans and invigorates the skin, and helps with ailments of the respiratory system as well as with rheumatic complaints.

Sauna honeys

Are you already familiar with the sauna honeys we use in our spa hotel Monzabon in Lech am Arlberg? Sauna honeys are a specialty made from pure honey, ground apricot kernels and finely tuned compositions of pure essential oils. Enjoy the glorious skin sensation and the mild fragrance that surrounds you after a visit to our sauna in Lech.


Apply the honey before or, even better, during the sauna session onto the wet skin. Gentle massaging creates a peeling effect. Continue your sauna session as usual, then cool down and shower. Sauna honeys are also well-suited for steam baths or as a shower peeling.


  • Sauna honey lavender
    Dive into a fragrance of the lavender fields of Provence. Fresh orange creates a slightly stimulating, harmonising smell.
  • Sauna honey lemongrass
    Enjoy the freshness of the Mediterranean early summer. The encouraging fragrances refresh and give new strength.
  • Sauna honey rose
    Rose gives a discreet, fresh and harmonising fragrance, which complements the honey wonderfully. The result is a feminine, enchanting fragrance composition, which ensures satisfying relaxation.
  • Sauna honey sandal-wood
    The wooden fragrance of genuine Asian sandal-wood caresses you warmly, tenderly and softly. Adding evening primrose oil gives this sauna honey a particularly nurturing effect.

Your sauna in Lech with divine infusions and sauna honey awaits you! Have you already requested a non-binding holiday offer?

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