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Langer Zug: Steepest ski slope on the Arlberg

One of the ten steepest slopes in the world

Which circuit are you interested in today? Experience the ski area Arlberg in its full glory and variety with these two enduring half-day and full-day tours before relaxing neatly at Hotel Monzabon in the evening. Best request a non-binding holiday offer toThe ski region Arlberg is home of many a spectacular slope. Interminable slope kilometres, breath-taking fall and challenging pitches make even the most experienced skiers sweat. But which one is the steepest ski slope on the Arlberg? Langer Zug carries its name for a reason. It is one of the steepest slopes in the entire world with a total length of 4.7 km and up to 80% slope.ay!


"Langer Zug" in Lech am Arlberg

Things start off with an inclination angle of 55° – don’t look down unless you have a head for heights. Reach the start on the Rüfikopf on 2,049 m easily with the Rüfikopfbahnen and the relaxing slopes no. 181 and no. 215 to the Schafalplift. Now you see the steep gorge with an average slope of unreal 78% before you. Well, can you already feel the adrenaline coursing through your veins?

Langer Zug at a glance

The route from the gorge near the Schafalplift to the Schlosskopflift is freshly groomed every day and offers best slope conditions thanks to its northern exposure. This means for you:

  • Start at 2,049 m

  • Base at 1,676 m

  • 373 m altitude difference

  • Length: 852 m

  • 55° inclination at the start

  • Up to 80% slope

  • Average slope of 78%

  • Total length: 4.7 km

Langer Zug certainly is only suited for experienced skiers who love the thrill. Are you part of this group? Best book your base camp at the Monzabon!


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