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Your accommodation in Lech at the Arlberg: tradition & philosophy

If you spend your holiday in the Hotel Jagdhaus Monzabon, your accommodation in Lech at the Arlberg, you will feel and experience what is important to us: family, tradition, nature – these topics are close to our hearts.

We have spent all our lives in the mountain village of Lech and are therefore closely connected to its nature and tradition. We are inspired by the idea of combining the power of our unique mountain idyll and the beauty of the mountains with the amenities of a cosmopolitan hotel. It is not our aim to become bigger and more luxurious – but rather to preserve old traditions in our hotel at the Arlberg and to bring the conscious experience of single moments closer to our guests.

Every person has their own reason for getting up in the morning – an inner passion and vocation. Our reason is to provide our guests with an unforgettable holiday – with a home away from home filled with wine and indulgence in Lech!

This is what our heart beats for!

Wilfried, Melanie, Tobias, and Larissa Schneider as well as Michael Broger, Melanie’s brother, and the entire Jagdhaus Monzabon team, your accommodation in Lech at the Arlberg

Your hotel in Lech am Arlberg – holidays in a former tailor's shop

It was 1956 when Wilfried's parents, Willi and Agnes Schneider, converted the former tailor's shop into a hotel. To this day, the hotel at the Arlberg is family-owned and continues to be run with heart and soul by Willi’s descendants. Following the old Austrian tradition, everyone is involved: Wilfried and Melanie Schneider, the sincere hosts, Tobias and Larissa, the entertainer and the junior chef, as well as the top chef Michael Broger, Melanie's brother, ensure that the guests experience a snow holiday in Austria that will stay in their hearts forever. To the Schneider’s, the guest is more than just a number at the key holder or at a table in the restaurant. The gourmet hotel in Austria is a holiday retreat that makes all guests feel right at home. Here, everyone is welcomed with a smile and here, everyone can find well-deserved relaxation.

Once upon a time …

… a small tailor’s shop adorned the mountain village of Lech. Discover the history of the Hotel Jagdhaus Monzabon in pictures!