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Steamy moments in our spa in Vorarlberg

You like it hot? Then you're in luck! In our hotel with spa in Vorarlberg you can let off steam. Leave everyday life behind you and enjoy your very own time out. These four saunas make any kind of stress evaporate:

  • Finnish sauna: extraordinary 80 to 90 °C, fragrance: fir or hay flower
  • Brine steam bath: stimulating 40 to 55 °C, brine, and a delicious scent, e.g. chamomile, orange, hay flower …
  • Bio sauna: pleasant 55 °C, fragrance: cinnamon, apple, fir …
  • Steam bath: aphrodisiac 40 to 55 °C, fragrance: chamomile, orange, hay flower, juniper ...

Would you like to relax in the pleasant heat of our steam baths and saunas? Then book your winter holiday in our hotel with spa in Vorarlberg today. For holiday happiness, click here!

The hotel with spa in Vorarlberg – sweet sauna session

The land of milk and honey is called Vorarlberg. In our hotel at the Arlberg we have come up with something very special: Matching the Finnish ritual, you will receive so-called sauna honey for every sauna session. The specialty made from pure honey, ground apricot kernels, and essential oils is a boon for your skin.

It is best to apply the sauna honey to damp skin during the sauna session and massage it in slowly. Then it's time to sweat, sweat, sweat, and tadaaa – after taking a shower you will be surprised by velvety soft skin!