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We love nature

Our actions aimed at protecting the environment

We are deeply in love – with nature, its meadow, forests, and mountains. That’s why every daily action we take revolves around nurturing it. Born and raised in the mountains, we’ve spent all our lives immersed in the beauty and majesty of nature.


Our promise to nature

We firmly believe that we’re all responsible for preserving our environment. That’s why, ten years ago, host Melanie became a bee sponsor and has since been sponsoring the protection of bees and promoting natural pollination.

Monzabon’s measures

Through these actions, we’re doing our part to preserve our environment.


We source our thermal energy from the biomass heating plant in Lech. This enables us to harness renewable resources and lower our CO2 emissions.

Milk and yogurt

Our fresh hay milk and yogurt are sourced directly from Vorarlberg and the dairy in Zug. By doing so, we actively support local agriculture and shorten transport routes.


We only use eggs from the Sennhof in Rankweil, where they are raised in species-appropriate conditions to ensure the highest quality eggs.


Our honey is harvested from our own bee sponsorship programme, as we are deeply committed to actively protecting bees and preserving biodiversity.

Organic muesli

We serve organic muesli from Verival to guarantee premium quality and controlled organic cultivation.

Home-made jams

Most of our jams are homemade using fresh, regional fruit, without any artificial additives.

Local suppliers and agriculture

We prioritise products from local suppliers and small-scale agriculture, supporting the regional economy while emphasising fresh and seasonal ingredients.

Sustainable beauty products

Our beauty products are organic and eco-friendly.

Sustainable cleaning agents

We collaborate with the Salzburg-based company Hagleitner, which supplies us with products from its “Greenovative” line.


We attach great importance on waste separation throughout the hotel to ensure environmentally conscious disposal. By separating our waste, valuable resources can be recycled and reused.

Organic drinks

In addition to our standard selection of drinks, we also offer organic wines, ensuring you experience both high-quality and sustainably produced options.


We source it from illwerke vkw, a reliable regional provider that ensures a secure and sustainable electricity supply throughout Vorarlberg.


We primarily use LED lighting throughout the hotel. LEDs are more energy-efficient than conventional light bulbs, allowing us to significantly reduce our energy consumption.


Our team is committed to sustainability. The team car, “Luigi”, is an electric vehicle that transports our employees to their destinations in an environmentally friendly and emission-free manner. Through electromobility, we actively contribute to reducing CO2 emissions.

Small actions, big impact

We firmly believe that even the smallest actions can make a big impact. Each step, no matter how small, adds to the collective effort – to more environmental protection, to more sustainability, and to a greener future for generations to come.