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Inatura Dornbirn - the nature experience exhibition

Vorarlberg's nature in one museum

Nature in the province of Vorarlberg is as diverse as it is ravishing. Countless species find ideal habitats in the westernmost part of Austria, between gigantic lakes and high-rising glaciers. Being one of three Vorarlberg state museums, inatura Dornbirn offers deep insights into these characteristic habitats, accompanied by interactive zones and humongous data centres. The nature experience exhibition most certainly is one of the most fascinating destinations of the region and should be part of every Monzabon holiday itinerary!

Nature, man and technology

The Dornbirn museum relies on the introduction of different habitats and experience areas through multimedia and interactive presentations for all ages – ideal for family trips and wondering eyes. Five different museum fields await you at inatura Dornbirn:

  • Water:
    Dive into the lakes and rivers of Vorarlberg! Take a look “behind the scenes” of a waterfall and learn more about the depths of Lake Constance. Fish from local waters swim inside the aquarium.
  • Forest:
    Models and preparations show off the forest’s biodiversity. You’ll encounter wolves and bears, but also giant insects. The badger’s burrow invites you to deep insides on all fours.
  • Mountains:
    This steel-cast habitat opens up the mountain. Experience simulations of avalanches and view the mountains from bird’s eye view. Interactive stations and a climbing wall are also part of this area.
  • Science:
    Here you can let the closely connected worlds of nature and technology wow you. Gripping experiments unite technology, bionics and natural science in child- and teen-friendly manner.
  • Our body:
    The young experience area of inatura Dornbirn is fully dedicated to the wonder of man. Among other things, you see the route of food, the functions of the individual organs and their relationships with one another.

Research and nature expertise

The inatura Dornbirn exhibition originally arose from the Vorarlberger Naturschau and was established in the new town garden in 2003. An important centre of research and documentation quickly developed here. The large specialised library aside, natural scientific data that allow for research into the spread and endangerment of animals and plants in Vorarlberg is collected here. In addition, papers and magazines are published, exhibitions and events throughout the entire province are organised.

Visit one of Vorarlberg’s most important nature centres during your Monzabon holiday – ideal for family trips, not only in bad weather. We’ll gladly accept your non-binding holiday enquiry!


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