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Idyllic snowshoeing in Lech, Austria

Wonderful tours through the deeply snow-covered Arlberg region

The almost magical Arlberg winter scenery lays before you silently and frozen – a paradise for winter hikers on countless cleared paths between cosy valley and high plateaus with great views. Many of these paths and other more inaccessible areas can be reached on snowshoes. Rented at one of the local ski schools and put on quickly, you discover vantage points and snow-covered winter beauties usually hidden away during sporty and athletic snowshoeing in Lech, Austria. We can particularly recommend the following seven tour suggestions.




One of the most beautiful snowshoeing tours in Lech for beginners leads you right onto the Rüfikopf. A special path for snowshoes – easy, neat and easily manageable in about half an hour – awaits you near the marked hiking trail, which starts at the mountain station. The view, as expected, is amazing.

Distance: 1.2 km




The Trittkopfbahn brings you to one of the most beautiful vantage points around Zürs in no time: You can hike on the Flexenpass with snowshoes in about an hour. Neatly get accustomed to this leisurely sport during this not too challenging tour, all the while taking in views of the entire Arlberg region.

Distance: 2.6 km




Are you in good shape? Snowshoeing in Lech, Austria wouldn’t be complete without the notorious Spullerwald-Runde. While the ascents aren’t too taxing, there are, after all, over ten kilometres of pure hiking trail across quite tricky terrain waiting for you. The rest stop is very necessary and deserved after this Arlberg snowshoe hike.

Distance: 10.3 km




You cannot go wrong with the Gasthaus Älpele, close to the Zug district, as your rest stop option. The round tour of just under three kilometres leads you across medium terrain in just over an hour. You should bring at least some experience to the table to master the small, hidden challenges. Regional delicacies await you at the end of the snowshoe hike.

Distance: 2.8 km




You’d think that the Kriegeralp-Runde isn’t too long and, as such, not really a problem. As if! There’s many an aggressive ascent across demanding terrain hidden away here. Experienced, persevering hikers in particular cherish this tour.

Distance: 3.2 km



From Lech to Zürs

Snowshoeing from Lech to Zürs – you might work up a bit of sweat as you’re nearing the five-kilometre mark. No worries: Rather imposing distance aside, you won’t encounter any too arduous challenges.

Distance: 4.9 km



Zuger Runde

We kept an easier, unhurried option for last: A short and fairly light hike, particularly beginner-friendly, leads around the Zug district. Mastered in no time, you’ll be enchanted by the regional allure while finding your way around your hiking equipment very easily.

Distance: 2 km


Snowshoeing in Lech, Austria – refreshing entertainment for beginners and intermediates with great views. Even more remote corners of the region can be reached fairly easily when equipped with snowshoes. The delightful view across the entire Arlberg area is worth the effort. The only thing missing now is your non-binding holiday enquiry!


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