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Top winter walking trails in Lech Zürs

Find the most fun winter hiking tours on the Arlberg

The deeply snow-covered cradle of alpine skiing make winter dreams come true even beyond the slopes. Countless winter walking trails lead through Lech and Zürs, through Zug and Oberlech. The Monzabon hiking tips stand for variety, diversity and unlimited hiking fun, encompassing stunning, perfectly cleared paths in best sunny location and many a smaller challenge. Don’t miss out on the following winter hiking trails in Lech Zürs!



Lech - Zürs

Go from Lech to Zürs unhurriedly on this pleasant hike – a medium tour with quite an ascent that, in total, should keep you busy for at least one and a half hours. This tour starts on the Rüfiplatz and leads via a side road to the signposted winter hiking trail through the forest. After briefly crossing the main road you march on in the direction of the biomass heating plant Zürs and are almost there!

Distance: 5.3 km



Oberlech - Runde

A trip to the car-free Oberlech is always worth your time, as it is home to what is likely Lech’s sunniest winter hiking path. The sun balcony of the Arlberg, as it’s also known, can be walked around in just over an hour of medium difficulty. Open yourself up to the beauty of the region at moderate incline and respective slope.

Distance: 3.3 km



Oberlech - Tannegg - Kriegeralpe

One of the most beautiful winter hiking trails in Lech for endurance hikers relies on long, drawn-out ascents. A total of 363 altitude metres are to be mastered in just under 90 minutes when starting your journey at Oberlech mountain station. The excellently signposted paths leads, among other places, to the Schlössle point and the panorama platform Tanegg before you get to enjoy your rest stop at the Kriegeralpe.

Distance: 3.4 km



Höhenwanderweg Gaisbühel

The high-altitude hiking path on the sunny Gaisbühelalpe offers two round paths. Start the winter hiking trail at the bus stop Schlössle and travel to the Guggisköpfe with great view. Having passed the Schlosskopfbahn, it’s onward to Tanegg and, in loops, to the Alpe. Return to the original path via the Weibermahd-Bahn – we recommend a rest stop on one of the sun terraces in between.

Distance: 5.7 km




With a net hiking time of almost three hours, this route is quite strenuous, but the remoteness in the divinely quiet Zugertal is priceless in hectic times like these. Set out from Gasthof Älpele to Tannlägeralpe, through the valley end and to the westernmost part of the circuit at the Jagdhütte. Cross the forest before the Zugersäge to reach a bridge and walk back to Lech.

Distance: 10.3 km




The Oberlech mountain cable car is start and finish of this sunny two-hour circuit. It’s a bit uphill right at the beginning – no need to worry, the tour isn’t particularly strenuous – across wide snow fields and through the forest. Stubenbach itself becomes a bit hillier before reaching the friendly pond. Already you’re on the same path back again.

Distance: 6.8 km


Which of this top-notch winter walking trails in Lech and Zürs are you looking to conquer today? Quiet, idyllic winter dreams come true with the diverse tours and many more offers in the neighbouring Arlberg villages. Look forward to delightful trips on perfectly groomed paths – Monzabon guests are at the centre of it all. We are already looking forward to your non-binding holiday enquiry!


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